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 Robert Cantrell, the author, is a professional strategist and a client of Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International


Which Card Will You Play? 

How to Think Strategically

Offered at dozens of military, corporate, and legal venues

National Defense University, Licensing Executive Society, Hewlett-Packard, Corning, Marketing General, Patent Resources Group, etc.

"Which Card Will You Play?" is a workshop by Robert L. Cantrell that explores the strategic principles within the Art of War Sun Tzu Strategy Card Deck as it pertains to your profession and situation. presents tools and techniques to achieve success despite the presence of adversaries and obstacles.  These principles are put in context with best-practice strategic theory such as focus, making the most of the resources you have, freedom of action, and risk mitigation.  The course can be tailored from lunch time keynote discussions to a two day long in depth study. 

 Workshop Leader:

Robert L. Cantrell is the president of Center For Advantage, based in Arlington, VA.  He is a professional strategist who works with business, legal, and military professionals.  Robert is also a documentary film maker and principle of All Fins On, LLC at www.allfinson.com.

     Workshop Fees:

For information on workshop fees contact info@centerforadvantage.com.   


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