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 Robert Cantrell, the author, is a professional strategist and a client of Atchity Editorial/Entertainment International




Art of War Strategy Recognition Game


Because Recognizing an Opponent's Strategy is the First Key to Winning




One of the first keys to being a successful strategist is to recognize those strategies being played against you.  The Art of War Strategy Recognition Game provides a way to do that while watching some of your favorite movies.


To play the Art of War Strategy Recognition Game, each player draws five cards.  Whenever a player sees the strategy described on a card in his hand played out by characters on the screen, he or she declares that strategy and places the card aside on his or her corner.  As long as no one objects to the declaration, that player draws from the deck and the game proceeds.  If there is an objection to the declaration, pause the movie for a discussion.  If reason does not prevail, vote.  If voting produces a tie, flip a coin.  The player who identifies and declares the most strategies at the game’s end – the end denoted by time, the length of all or part of the movie, or the complete use of the card deck – wins the game.


Some Suggested Movies:






Wall Street




3 Days of the Condor



A Civil Action



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